Organic Quinoa

(Chenopodium quinoa)

Description: It’s a round little white grain, from the “Chenopodiacae” family (as beetroot or spinach). Quinoa is rich in saponin (a bitter substance recovering the grain). This is the reason why the grains are washed after harvest, and after that dried, ventilated and cleaned.

At its arrival in BROLEM COMPANY, the quinoa pass through a performant cleaning unity to sort all foreign particles due to the traditional steps of harvesting and so answer to the most demanding quality criteria.

Process: 1. Cleaning/ 2.Washing / 3. Drying / 4. Ventilating / 5. Cleaning / 6. Destoner / 7. Sorting /.8Packaging



HS CODE : 1008.50.90.00

Farming: PUNO or AYACUCHO (in the high altitude of Andes Cordillera) Labelling : according to the client

Product issued from the Organic farming, according to the Regulation CE. Cultivated and kept without conservatives’ addition, without synthesis’ chemicals products, and without genetic modification.

Main inspectors: BCS ÖKO Garantie, CONTROL UNION.

Organic Certification of production : CONTROL UNION , BCS ÖKO
Organic Certification of packaging and distribution: CONTROL UNION
Magnets: We have special magnets with 12,000 Gauss of powerful


Pureness: 99.99%

GMO: Absence of use of any substance issued or produced from GMO. Additives, Radioactivity, Colouring agents, Ionization: Absence


This product doesn’t contain allergens.

Precautionary measures organized by the company BROLEM COMPANY to avoid the allergens cross contamination: