About Us

Who are we ?

Peru Crops is an American-Peruvian company created to import and distribute top quality organic products while at the same time, developing undeveloped communities in the Amazon Jungle, Andes Mountains and Pacific Coast Valleys of Peru.

Peru Crops was established with the goal of bringing the finest organic certified products to all the American homes and stores.

Peruvian products have become one of the fastest growing demanded goods in the North American organic food market in the past years, even being consumed by American astronauts in space while NASA experiments to plant and grow Peruvian potatoes in Mars; proving with this, that in this diverse tasty country of consumers demanding new exotic and exciting flavors from all around the world; Peru Crops stands ready to offer the very best and healthiest brands of products in the world !


We seek not only customer appreciation or satisfaction but want to go further by building together a friendly partnership and providing, while learning, valuable tools and experience knowledge for all the people we work together with.

Nature is one of the Earth’s most valuable treasures. This is why we are so passionate about delivering the best organic certified products and is highly committed both with the environment and in exceeding the industry’s quality standards with a fair trade compromise.

We are never satisfied with our customer service. This is the reason why we get personally involved in all of the product phases by visiting the producers and suppliers, inspecting the packaging and tracking the cargo so we can keep our costumers constantly updated. At the same time we periodically visit our store clients in all the US territory to ensure their total satisfaction and get a personal feedback of their needs and future demands.

We offer special deals for wholesale and retail buyers but at the same time, we are very supportive of new and upcoming small businesses as we eager to meet new partners and build lasting relationships where we can all grow together.

We have been exclusively representing Peruvian organic certified brands in the USA to the wholesale and retail industry since the beginning, reason why we can focus ourselves in our supplier-customer relationship. Our strengths in sourcing, distribution and marketing provides our customers with the tools necessary to expand their business while making vital purchasing decisions with confidence in a fair low price. With our vast sourcing abilities and direct relationship with the brands supplying companies in Peru, we can anticipate shortages and constantly develop new ways to better serve our customers by keeping a permanent stock of products in the US territory.

We ensure the best quality of our product range, while providing competitive pricing, and on time deliveries. We clearly understand the nature of our business and also what it takes to satisfy our customers, whether large or small, and we are committed to providing reliability, consistency and quality.

We offer organic certified and fair trade food products.

We promote respect for people and the Mother Earth (Pacha-Mama) by buying our raw materials at a fair price, to small producers in the Amazon Jungle, Andes Mountains and Pacific Coasts Valleys of Peru; and bring them to you !